Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Little Out of It

Tuesday, I went to the gym. I did some weights. I felt pretty good. Until yesterday. I woke up really sore. So I had a huge brainwave. Why not work the kinks out by riding my bike to work. Thirty minutes after I got to work, I could barely move. I had to get a friend to dial Mark to come pick me up at work. When he picked me up, he laughed at me. Loudly. Because he knew I couldn't lift my arms to hit him. And since I couldn't find a chicken that could type I was not able to post yesterday. Damn useless chickens.

Today I felt a little better. Considering I was in so much pain I hardly slept. So I went to see my chiropractor. Now I am SERIOUSLY considering having all the muscles in my back surgically removed. Damn useless muscles.


Anonymous said...

One word can solve all of your stiffness and aches and pains... YOGA!!

Anonymous said...

I have done that before, best of luck to you.