Thursday, October 04, 2007

Inspiration is Such a Fleeting Bitch

Some days I get asked why I don't post more. It's simple. My brain only has so many inspirational thoughts in a 24 hour period. Some days, none at all. Then I am left hoping I have an interesting draft that I can shove into a frilly pink tutu and slap up.

Other days I stare open mouthed at the screen, drool sliding down my neck, desperately thinking of something vaguely interesting to write about. On those days I usually like to post about Mark. He is always an easy target. All is fair when someone continuously falls for the line, 'I'm not wearing a bra!'

Of course, I could give Mark a break and post another story about my cats. But I worry. Do I post too much about the cats? Maybe I have an aura de cat lady? Do readers worry that given the chance between saving a drowning newborn or rubbing my face in Yuko's belly, I might not choose wisely?

So where does that leave me today. No ideas. No funny Mark stories. No cat antics. What a boring day.

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Anonymous said...

You boring? Never! And really we all thought you would end up as a crazy cat lady anyway! Mark that sucker the "ring" must have involved I'm not wearing panties!!

Anonymous said...

HA! I think you are always funny! All you need to do is start to make shit up we might know it's a lie but no one else will :)