Monday, October 29, 2007

Theme Week: Getting Heathy. Why Soup Suprise Sucks

So your sick. So sick the thought of eating is making you queasy. You think: Soup. I can do soup. It's liquidy, non-acidic and shouldn't take a lot of work to go down. Soup, you smile through your sneeze, is what you need.

Now what you are about to figure out is that soup as you remember if from your childhood, made fresh by mom because she had just cooked chicken and had the parts handy, no longer exists. Unless of course you make it yourself. Do you make your own soup? Exactly. Yet, when you are sick you don't feel like cooking so you go to grab soup from a restaurant. Healthy eating, low level of work. Except when you get there it becomes obvious that whatever Chipotle Hamburger Broccoli is, it sure doesn't sound appealing, or even edible to you.

No one makes simple chicken noodle soup anymore. Nor do they make soup that looks like soup. Where there used to be broth there is some sort of wobbly gelatinous substance with pieces of misshapen mystery vittles battling each other for air. Grappling to escape the slick ooze that is supposed to be the base of your Cream of Kumquat and Sardine soup. Suddenly, you realize, you didn't want soup after all.

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Anonymous said...

Man!! I will never eat soup again!

Anonymous said...

I make wonderful, edible soup. Need to learn how--I can help.