Monday, March 31, 2008

When They Care Enought to Notice

I bought a new purse on Saturday. My old one was actually starting to come apart at the seams. But then I drag around a lot of stuff. Lip gloss, book, medication, cell phone, iPod, digital camera, wallet, Splenda, notebook, highlighter, pens, emory board, and double sided tape. As a girl you need double sided tape. My purse had served me well. Now it was time to let it go live a happy retirement at the Salvation Army.

My new purse is bigger. Which kinda shocked me as I have never envisioned myself as one of those big purse girls. The ones where the purse is almost bigger then them. Next I am going to have to get HUGE sunglasses and wear leggings. And if I could arrange a DUI, I would be in fine company with many a starlet.

Despite that fact that my new purse is gigantic, and so brightly coloured that is could be used to land planes, Mark totally didn't notice it. There it sat on the kitchen table in full view. No comment.

Today when I came into work, not even 5 minutes after my arrival, my office mate compliments me on it. Office mate 1, Mark 0.


Anonymous said...

Generally speaking I find that your beauty fills the room. Everything else around you is just background. Maybe its just me.

- your anonymous husband

Unknown said...

And you know what? I bet you fill that thing up in no time! The bigger my purses, the more stuff seems to find it's way in there!

Yea, men never notice anything!