Thursday, May 08, 2008

Back from New Orleans

I am back from New Orleans. Had a great time. The people were amazing. My feet were incredibly sore by the end of the week. My mother and I decided we had so much fun that we would do another trip next year.

First off, my mother is a machine. By the end of the first day, I was wilting like a sun deprived flower. When I started whining that my feet hurt, she was all - 'suck it up, let's shop!' I honestly can't believe the pace she kept up the whole week.

We did a number of tours all with Grey Line, we would highly recommend them if you are thinking of going. Mom and I especially loved our driver for our plantation tour. He was kind enough, or wise enough, to recognize the heat of shopping fever in my mother's eyes and dropped us off at the French Market rather then tour HQ.

I am hoping to have my pictures up in the next few days. Above is Mom have supper at Emeril's and below trying on feather boas. They are for sale everywhere. I have also put up the video I took of the slave cabins at the Evergreen Plantation. It is quite something to see.

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you had a great time!

And man, those cabins. But the trees are beautiful! Did they same how old the trees are?