Monday, February 27, 2006

About this Blog

What you are currently reading is actually the 3rd iteration of this blog. The first you see to your left. I set up this blog in 2006, when blogging was all the rage and people were getting book deals based on their blogs and then selling out to Hollywood so that movies could be made about their blogging exploits. I was sure I could do that too.

Sadly, I am far too lazy.

The second version of this blog was at Posterous, until they sold out to Twitter and shut down the service. I now have far more updating to do to bring this blog to all my social media sites than I used to. But as I have become totally disillusioned with Facebook, I'm happy I held onto it. The labyrinth of ever changing settings that is Facebook, has unwittingly made blogging very attractive to me again. So I am coming back to Completely Barking Mad to do some bitching, throw around my opinions and generally unload. Since everything I write about tends to be a little mad, I am happy to hold the title of Mad Scientist. There's nothing revolutionary going on here. I simply blog about what I observe, what pops into my head, and remarks I hear made. Crazy diatribes come cheap and easy here.

When not kvetching I work full-time as a Curriculum Designer for the Police. I get to work on courses about guns and tactics, and have had people cancel meetings with me because they have been called in to do autopsies. Which is the best excuse for missing a meeting EVER.

I have also learned to talk in acronyms, and feel that through osmosis I must have picked up a few skills that would help me if I ever found myself in a Die Hard type of situation. Which I totally dream about happening. Sometimes I think about writing a book about a mousey curriculum designer who uses what she has learned on the job to stop criminals. Then I realize I wear heels that are far too high for fighting crime.

When not working, I live in a small town with a very big church. This building is the best sign post to give to bewildered urbanite friends who venture out to visit us. And by venture out I mean, ask us if we can get toilet paper locally, marvel at the quaintness of our surroundings, and question our sanity.

When not working, my husband vainly tries to drag me away from tablet to hike, or snowshoe, or just get out and smell the fresh air. I am so happy he let's me bring my iPhone. It's lonely in the great outdoors without Twitter.

So get completely barking mad, and enjoy your stay.

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