Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Brain Insurance

I am at the tail end of my Masters degree (yeah!), I have been working on this Masters for 5 years so you can image how happy I am to just about be done. However, it got me thinking. My brain is the most expensive thing I own! When you calculate in my 2 degrees, my Computer diploma, my Masters and other training I have done it is worth roughly more than my house! Because of this I think that I should get Lloyd's of London to insured it. If JLo can have her ass insured and Heidi Klum her legs, why can't I get my brain insured? I mean if something happens to me I would like to know that Mark will be able sail the Riveria with his twinkie and her word processing diploma worry free.

I know, I am always thinking of others.

But seriously, how much do you think you would have to pay a year to have your brain insured? And should Brain insurance be manditory for all University graduates? What would the conditions be? No drinking, no drugs (obviously), no driving? No scuba diving, for sure. But what else? Since we insure everything else shouldn't we insure our brain if it is because we have advanced degrees that we have the job and salary we hold?

BTW got the picture to the right from http://www.flickr.com/photos/canyonjam/.


Mark Fournier said...

I completely support you in this endeavour.

Squirrelly Girly said...

I totally want my brain insured!! Not because of all the math knowledge I have, but all the trivia I have in there! It's totally worth something!

BTW, to figure out how much your brain is worth, there should be some sort of smart-ass remarks and/or pop culture category. This will filter out the uber-nerds who have TONS of knowledge from those of us who are smart and acutally fun to be around.

erat said...

I'm all for brain insurance, too.

And I'm with margarita: geekdom is over-valued. Let's insure the fun folks and let the others fend for themselves.

Erat (the guy whose brain is in the picture ;)