Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do You Know Where Your Friends Are?

I recieved an email yesterday from my girlfriend Brandice. She and her husband and his two children were on that ferry that sank off BC. They were in the process of moving to her husband's new RCMP post and had put all their valuables (you know the stuff you don't trust to the movers) into their car. It all went down with the Ferry, but they are ok.

"We were very sad to be leaving Rupert and we in an emotional state when we left. Of course this was my first ferry trip through the inside passage (almost everyone who lives in Rupert has been on this ferry). We stood on the back of the ferry and watched until we couldn't see the lights of Prince Rupert anymore. We had a cup of tea in the cafeteria and Clive and I walked all over the ship. We went to bed in our cabin around 10:30. Clive was already awake after the first impact and I was nearly thrown off the top bunk by the second impact. Clive told me to get up and get dressed, shoes coat etc. We left our cabin with our life pereservers and our wallets. We were in a life raft for about 3 1/2 hours. We never did go to the First Nations Village - Hartley Bay. We were put in a life boat and trab\nsported straight to the Coast Guard ship."

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