Sunday, March 05, 2006

Email Campaign!

Mark promised to get me a running GPS for Valentine's Day and I had been very happy to get the same one Jenny has, but then I found out from the running store that this VERY COOL new one was coming out. Now dear readers don't you think that the new one is MUCH better? I agree, but as you know Mark is the cheapest man alive (he is so proud of this, he tells people at dinner parties, glowing with pride and puffed up) and says I don't need the new one, the old one is just fine. I think this is completely unfair (and not just cheap, which it is as well). So if you think that I deserve to get the new one (which if you expect to make my Christmas list you should) I want you to email Mark and tell him that I need the new one. Don't go breaking my heart, you all!

1 comment:

Mark Fournier said...

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, you should use your new blog for good and not evil.