Sunday, March 05, 2006

iPod, You Pod, We all iPod

Okay, so I recently upgraded to a video iPod (a complete waste of money considering you can't download TV shows onto them in Canada - down foul shoulder devil, down!). But since it had become iPod warfare in our house everytime my husband or I wanted to go the gym, it was time to become a two iPod household. So we said a silent prayer, knocked on wood, threw salt over our shoulders and headed to FutureShop.

So where am I going with this? Well, one of the playlists I have on my iPod is for running. Since I run quite a bit I get tired of the songs REALLY fast, which puts me on a quest for new songs. Because of this I have now become a permanent iTunes-iezen. I jump all around the site looking for something to listen to, which takes me to the most unusal singers - stuff that I can honestly tell you I would never of heard before. But three that I have just fallen in love with are Feist (a Canadian singer, she is sorty of bluesy, r&b-esques), Imogen Heap (a British singer who really grows on you) and Tegan and Sara (Canadian twins). So next time you just don't know what to download try Feist's Mushaboom, Heap's Headlock and T&S's Speak Slow. Now don't say I never do anything for you. Scram.

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