Thursday, March 02, 2006

Movie of the Week Based on Premier Gone Wild

Just to make sure that the rest of the western world knows how serious we are about the stupidity of our Premier, a young Page with the Alberta Legislature is selling her story of being pummelled by the Premier! Yesterday, Premier Klein - showing a remarkably steady hand -managed to hurl a soft covered journal at a teenage Page in a fit of (gas?) anger!

Now we hear that the Page refuses to talk (gasp!) having been approached by one of the major TV networks to sell her story for a movie of the week (cha-ching!). We here at CBM are pulling for Rachel McAdams (hot!) to play the injured Page. We are also hoping that Belinda Stronach will ride in a on a yellow Hummer (or VW Bug!) and resuce her from the Premier's 3rd way of rage.

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Squirrelly Girly said...

When I first read the post I thought that it was a Monica Lewinsky situation! I didn't realize that pummeled meant pummeled and wasn't some weird lingo!