Monday, April 24, 2006

Question for Readers

So Natasha has asked me to post this question - as a concerned citizen. She has become worried over the last few weeks with what she precieves as an increasing trend toward adultery. I think it is just our age, we are at that age right now when marriages start to go wrong and people cheat. This is not to say all people cheat or all marriages go wrong, but it does seem to increase with time.

Anyway, the question is, what in the world would prompt people to cheat, and usually with people who are almost always less attractive then their partner. Is it just sex? Weigh in readers.

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Squirrelly Girly said...

I feel like I must put a disclaimer on my opinion since I have never been married, nor really in a long term relationship but here goes -
I think people cheat for the attention. Sometime after a long relationship, maybe you don't feel so special anymore. You're getting ignored, it's really routine, you miss the shiny newness of a fancy new toy. Now if you are a sensible person with a good head on your shoulders and a good heart, you talk to your spouse about this. You let them know that you think you both need to make an effort, because if you don't feel special, chances are they don't either. But if you are more of the immediate gratification/lazy kind of person, you go looking for it elsewhere. I do think infidelity is on the rise because I think we are raising our children to work for things less and less, and marriage is something that takes work. Nobody wants to put in any effort anymore. I think it all goes back to a work ethic.

Anonymous said...

I agree that many people lack the ability and/or commitment to effectively communicate with their loved ones. Many of us have been guilty, at one time or another, of treating our friends with more respect than our loved ones and often put in more effort on the friendship than the relationship!

My question is a much shallower than the other comments and original post. Why do people (particularly men) sleep with nasty looking women?! Does it go back to the urge to do everything your friends do? Jonny has a GI Joe so I want one too! Joey is in Judo so I wanna take Judo too! Jeff, Ryan, Phil, and every other guy I know has F@#% Jill so I should too! Ahh the town bike, everybody wants a ride! But how come they’re so ugly? You would think if everyone wanted to sleep with them, they would at least not be offensive to look at!

Mark Fournier said...

Natasha is forgetting about the great equalizer. No matter how (un)attractive you may be, several beers into the evening any semi-attractive person looks like Cidy Crawford or Kevin Sorbo