Sunday, April 02, 2006


The big debate this weekend has been whether the PC party faithful will give King Ralph what he wants - a 2 year retirement plan. Man, it must be nice to live in Ralph's world. In Ralph's world you get to take two years to retire! Can't we just severance package him and send him into the great green pasture of Northern Alberta where he can make fat commission cheques as an independent consultant? Who else gets to decide they want to take 2 years to retire? Which begs the question, if you need 2 years to wrap things up then why don't you just do it and announce your retirement 6 months before you are done?

Not in Alberta. Nor does anywhere else in the world have such a bloated, delusional government as we have here. Read any provincial paper and you will be assulted by a group that cultivates a poorman's famer/rancher attitute which couldn't be further from the truth. Having been in power consistently for 30 years makes them closer to a benevolent dictatorship. Which makes me wonder, if they do decide to shoehorn Ralph out of the Premiership will Albertans find rooms and rooms of shoes paid for by our taxes? You know what they say about the the shoe fitting.

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