Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Things That Annoy Me

I think Mark is right, I really am becoming high maintence. Sadly, I never used to be. Now about a million things a day annoy me. I was so NOT impressed with our waiter at girl's night on Saturday. When I am paying over $20 for a meal you should have a better answer for me on wine then 'I don't know if that is dry or sweet'. Say buh-bye to your tip.

This morning I had my monthly meeting with my doctor (I am trying to lose weight and my plan has me come in once a month to touch base) and they have a new nurse, who really needs to work on her bedside manner. I liked the old one, she was bubbly. When she weighed me she waited until the weight mechanism hoovered in the middle before deciding my weight. The new one can barely be bothered to push the slide contraption on the top of the scale.

I am annoyed that I get too much spam. That Payless shoes, while cute and usually reasonably priced, are hell on your feet making them verboten. I am annoyed because there is way TOO much yack on the radio in the morning and not enough music. That stores are only open until 9 on Thursday and Friday nights. And this is just today!

Man, I have become the type of pathetic whiner I usually make fun of.


Mark Fournier said...

While I agree with the majority of your statements. I think you long time friends would agree that you are much less maintenance now than you used to be. But you are still medium maintenance, lets work on getting you to low maintenance over the next couple of years


Anonymous said...

Oh bitch, bitch, bitch!!