Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Update on My Attempt to Make My Own Penicillin

So one of the great things about working at a post-secondary institution is that we have a lot of very educated people working here. Therefore, I talked with Jason, who is a chemist by training, about my desire to make my own penicillin - for emergency purposes, you understand.

Well the good news is I could make it in my kitchen, no problem, with the right tools; he could even tell me the book I needed from the University to get the recipe. The bad news, it won't help me as the recipe in this book is about a hundred generations too old to have any effect. Thwarted again! It appears (I am learning more about penicillin than I ever wanted to know) that Penicillin needs to be constantly reformulated to overcome resistance (damn, super bug). So I am back at square one, intimately tied to my doctor for my foreseeable viral future.

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Anonymous said...

Good God! You are like a dog with a bone! Until you manage to set yourself up with a CHM degree (hell why not, you're almost done your masters!?) I thought some of the links below might provide you with relief. They are likely wives tales, but the authors 'swear' they totally work!



Anonymous said...

You need to contact Claire and see how far she has come in perfecting penicillan. Two heads are better than one (no matter how many centuries apart).

Anonymous said...

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