Monday, May 08, 2006

Dictator Update

So today I was working on the computer when the five pound dictator started meowing like crazy, so I called for her to come to me. When she did she had a ball in her mouth. So like an good pet owner I started with the 'good girl!', 'who is mommies good girl?', 'aren't you the cleverist cat ever!' yada, yada - you get the drift.

So what was the dictator's response to this praise, a cold look. It practically screamed, 'if I could reach up, I would slap you'.

My cat is a snob. Oh, she has always been finicky. She holds her tail up to her mouth when she cleans it, she cleans BETWEEN each of her toes, she picks at her food as if to say, 'kraft dinner again, hun'- sniff; and if you pick her up, her ears go right back and she just glares as you.

Yet, even though she thinks she is more entitled then Paris Hilton (she is definetly more talented) I can't help but think she is the coolest, cleverist cat around. I have now become the type of person I used to make fun of.

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