Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Faith Has Been Restored

Today while Mark and I were on our way to Calgary to get our passports renewed my iPod crapped out. Because I didn't want to worry Mark (oh, who am I kidding) I did not panic - until the ride home.

Now this is the 3rd iPod I have gotten in the last 4 months. The first one went back within the first 24 hours because it kept starting and stopping, the second went back within the first month, same problem. So my current iPod is No.3. Needless, to say the thought of getting No.4 did not impress me. And, of course, I bought the damn thing from the reptilian Future Shop, so I knew it would be a huge hassel to get anything done, since this time my iPod stopped working 2 months after I got it (the first two where exchanged because they malfunctioned in the first 30 days).

Sure enough, FS gave me a number to call for support and a Bye-Bye, now. Mark could see I was on the verge of seriously losing it, and started to tempt me with chocolate and a bath, but I decided to deal with the problem head-on and called Apple. Adam who I dealt with solved my problem in 15 minutes (he now gets the #1 berth on my Christmas List). He also was not short or snarky with me (a plus in a Customer Service person). After being a disposable customer to FS it was nice to actually get some real attention from a company. Plus, I did not have to send my iPod away for 6-8 weeks! My faith has been restored.

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