Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Additions to Completely Barking Mad

It had to happen. It's like denying you ate an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's (your, right - ice cream has the same calories as sushi, don't worry, you'll be fine). So we are announcing two new features on CBM (I love that, IMHO it is so FYSIWALOL, but of course IANAL)!

Heidi's Christmas List. This recognizes those who have done us a service. They may haved told us we look fab (to, to kind) when we were hung over, put in a good word with Tax Canada (you want to date my sister, name the date), or gave us chocoloate (or shoes, either or, we're easy).

The Thaumaturgical Tchotchke. The TT sees all, knows all, and definetly speaks all (so gossip carefully around him, salty dog he is). The TT will be used when we want to say something we could not say, but which the TT would have no problem saying. Example: Paris Hilton has scary, alien feet.

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