Thursday, June 08, 2006

Form Hell

Lately, I feel like all I do is fill out one form after another. An endless stream of bureaucracy. Where you sign your name, write your address, give a phone number, and oh yah, either attach a stream of receipts or list of cheques.

Why have we gotten to the point where you pay for plans: health plans, dental plans, insurance plans etc. Which are never satisfied with the fact that you have already filled out an application form and are most likely already paying a fee? Oh no, they have to send you a follow up form. Usually, with all kinds of invasive questions into your health and your family history.

But the best part is after you jump through all their hoops, they still find a loop hole for why they can reimburse you, cover you, or consider your application. Pencil pushers, the second oldest profession.

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