Monday, June 19, 2006

FutureShop Boycott! Use Best Buy! Use London Drugs, but Avoid this Pathetically Managed Entity

Today has been 8 weeks since my computer has been gone. I went in to Futureshop to find out what was going on. According to my contract if it wasn't fixed in 8 weeks they have to give me a new one. So I go in. Turns out my computer has been fixed since May 19 - a month ago!!!

When I asked why they didn't call me the feckless dwarf behind the counter says, 'the number on your account is wrong'. Which is why I point out to her that I gave them my updated number, which appears right at the top of my claim sheet. When I ask to talk to the Manager, I get absolutely no apology or any type of consolation, and then the dwarf actually starts to argue with me! I can't believe this actually passes as customer service!

I have never in my life dealt with such a group of careless, inept, apathetic drones. I THOUGHT you needed at least a high school education to work there, but apparently being able to draw an X in place of your name will do.

I will NEVER shop at this middling excuse for a business again in my life. Mark and I have spent approximately $3000 a year at this store in the last 10 years, and I have been treated with the same level of decency as you would a cast off candy wrapper. From now on I will spend my $3000 a year elsewhere and I would encourage everyone of you reading this to do so as well. And please feel free to pass this horror story onto anyone you like. I think this company needs to feel the bite of pissed off consumers as it is obvious they have NO customer service strategy.


Squirrelly Girly said...

I will boycott with you!! I have refused to shop here for a while due to their pushiness and lack of general knowledge.


Anonymous said...

I have already started to boycott. My husband & I live in the Arctic, we do all our shopping online, Futureshop was among our top 3 stores we purchase from on a regular basis.

My husband bought me a camcorder for christmas 2007. When I opened it I noticed I could not hook it up to the computer. So I went online to purchase another camcorder from Futureshop, which was twice as much as the one my husband bought!

We needed a number to return it from online, or when we shipped it back they would not except it. Well they never emailed us a number to include in the box, we emailed every 5 days hoping we would get a responce. Finally after a month we got an email....not with the number, instead they stated we were passed the 14 days and they would not except this return. I emailed them with the dates we sent them. Now this was an online form we filled out and we did not get a confirmation from them! I even asked if we could have an online store credit, they did not respond to my email.
So we are now the proud owners of two camcorders, one I will use and the other is staying in the box because it is useless to us!

Anonymous said...

I did not want to post as anonymous,and actually I do have a blog however I forgot my password or my user name was incorrect! It is mmprice (