Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No Time Limit

So I have decided to start training to do a triathalon next year. But next weekend I will get my feet wet doing one with my father-in-law. I will do the swimming and the running, he will do the biking portion; next year I hope to do the swimming, biking and running in 3 or 4 races.

This decision has necessitated that I get a pool pass. I already have a gym pass at the College where I work, but sadly we don't have a pool. Luckily, Mark and I live in a great area, because we have a leisure centre right behind us, about a 2 minute walk. I can't believe what a great neighbourhood we bought in, especially when you consider neither of us knew anything about Lethbridge when we moved here 3 years ago.

While I was at the leisure centre buying my pass I noticed they had a small workout room, with a couple of treadmills, bikes, weights, and a elliptical machine. So at the last minute I decide to include access to this in my pass. Since I started swimming a few weeks go I have noticed that almost no one uses this workout room.

So yesterday, since it was +32 outside, I decided to run on their treadmill after my swim rather than wait until the evening when it cooled down (I find sometimes that running at night disturbs my sleep). So I swim and get my running gear on and go to see the front desk clerk. If you are like me, you know that you have to sign up to use the treadmill and then you only get a certain amount of time. Pain in the butt, really. I ask the girl how long I am allowed to be on the treadmill and I am rewarded with a blank look. So I decide to change gears and ask if I have to sign up to use it - same look. It is beginning to dawn on me that something strange is afoot. Finally, getting the thurst of my questions a light started to cover her face. And do you know what? They have no time limit. It was Christmas in August. I didn't think there was a gym left on earth that allowed you to spend more than 45 minutes on the machines! So I ran for 80 minutes and dared anyone to ask me to get off. Take that time limits!

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Anonymous said...

Time limits at the gym suck! Especially when you are getting up there with your time. It makes it impossible to log a long run.

I just ignore them too since there's no way I'm getting off the treadmill so some girl who wants to walk 3.0 miles per hour and read a magazine can get on!