Saturday, September 23, 2006

That's Why They Invented Elliptical Trainers

I went to go running the other day, and it was raining. Rain happens. Luckily, I was equipped with a fabulous gym pass and could go run on a treadmill. I decide it was time to do so. Well deciding and doing are two very different things I soon learned. For though I had the desire to run when I got to the gym I found myself barred from the treadmills by two University girls.

I don't begrudge those people who on a yucky day want to use the treadmill. Everyone gets driven indoors once and while, its what happens when in you live in our climate. What I do have a problem with is people who use the treadmill to walk. Walk. You can walk in the mall. You can walk around your kitchen. What you don't do is hog the treadmill to walk. If you can't get up to speed to run, you shouldn't be using the treadmill, you should use the Elliptical Trainers.

Please don't tell me you have knee and joint problems, or that you are too heavy to run in the first place (and afraid to use the pool, because that is where you should be), because then you should use the Elliptical Trainers. I know you think you are really doing something walking for your 20 minutes, but honestly, unless you are walking at a step grade (5 or above) or are power walking you are going to get a bigger calorie burn on the Ellipticals. This goes especially for University girls who have to walk on the treadmill because otherwise they wouldn't have the breath to gossip for their piddley 30 minutes. They didn't even break a sweat.

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