Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why Video Really Killed the Radio Star

Have you noticed lately that video stores suck? I don't just mean because there are so many terrible movies out there, but they just suck all around?

The staff are listless, and disinterested, they have absolutely no idea about any movie not released in the last 6 months, unless it has Jackass in the title.

Indie, foreign or classic movies might not be every person's cup of tea, but they are so rare to find in a Blockbuster that they might as well call themselves McBlockbuster. When they do stock something out of the ordinary they have exactly one copy. Last year I waited, 3 months to rent Shaolin Soccer because of this. Which of course, all the film geeks like me had to fight over. To add insult to injury I live a block from our University. My video store IS the University video store. So all those film nuts are not only in the same zip code they are jostling with me to get the one copy of Kinky Boots.

Last year, I threw my napkin to the table and declared I wouldn't be my video store's bitch any longer. And I joined Zip. Since then Zip and I have been having an amourous, but slightly stilted romance. I mean Zip satisfies me in many ways: 38,000 titles, no late fees, door-to-door service. But somehow I just don't feel we love each other equally. Because if we did, Zip would send me new releases right away instead of Panic in the Streets. Yes, I did want Panic in the Streets and Zip knew it, but why didn't it know I was more in the mood for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? Usually, this isn't a problem, as Zip and I have an open relationship. And since I would rather watch BBC TV or classic movies we have agreed that it is okay for me to dance with McBlockbuster every once and a while. It is just that dancing there is like walking on an escalator.

Of course, Mark feels neither my relationship with Zip or McBlockbuster is helpful to him. Since the chance that I will ever rent Red Dawn is quite hopeless.

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Rebecca 'Becky' Heaman said...

Mark... I will watch Red Dawn with you anytime!!