Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tailor the Fit

I have spoken quite a few times about how awful some people dress. I have also talked at length about what one can do to look more fashionable. But lately, I have found a way to beat the man at his own game.

Being petite, I can rarely find anything that fits, everything is too long. But my body issues don't just stop there, I also have a tiny waist and a huge butt. Which means every pair of pants gaps horribly in the back. For years I thought this was just something that had to be borne. Now I know better.

Why not get a custom fit wardrobe? Well, you can with a good Tailor. It took me a while, but I have finally found a fantastic one. She talks too much, and she lets her dog run around the shop, but she does first class work. There doesn't seem to be a clothing issue she can fix with a set of darts. Suddenly, everything I own looks like it has been designed just for me. I have taken three loads of clothes in to benefit from her gentle, but firm needle.

Take my word for it. You can have a good fit. So buy that great pair of pants that is a little too big in the waist, your tailor can make it look like it was made with only you in mind, and for a fraction of what it cost for the pants.

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Anonymous said...

Another new look? It seems much more structured!

Anonymous said...

I like it Heidi, but where are your groovy links?