Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BFF Visit

Last week my BFF came to visit. Being 16 months old she is just finding her voice. A new talent she wants to make all aware of.

During a break in one of her squeak, snort, yell stories she decided she wanted to help me cook. So her Oma, tough love advocate she is, caved into her demands to be put on the counter. Being a brilliant military genius in diapers, Katya felt the counter top was the best place to stage her attack on the food to be prepared.

He choice of strategy was cheering - loudly. Or at least that is how I am choosing to think of it. Really, it was more of a stomping type of dance. Which was then combined with enthusiastic hand-clapping and laughing at the top of her lungs. I imagined that I was a football team and she was my cheerleading squad. She was quite amused with herself. Though, sadly she wasn't much help. Unless she was trying to scare the food into submission. In which case, she is a young Napoleon.

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Anonymous said...

Next time Katya comes to town she will have to have a play date with Elle. I'm sure they will have much to discuss.