Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Fun Stuff

Have you ever been at home eating a nice meal when the phone rang? Against your better judgement you decide to answer it? And regret the decision almost instantly when you hear a telemarketer, Aunt Betty, Bill your loveable, but daft friend? Well, check out Sorry Gotta Go. This site will provide you with a hundred and one recorded reponses that will get you off the phone and back to your steak!

Need some inspiration? I know I always do. Sometimes, things just come to me, but more often then not I get ideas from something I see or from some one's work. A great place to find some groovy ideas is Cheval Noir, artist Aya Kato's online portfolio. Beautiful.

Have you ever wondered how to pick a lock? I know you have. Deep down you always thought you might grow up to be James Bond and you made a list of essential skills. At the top of that list, right after making a perfect martini, would have been lock picking. Well, here is an illustrated guide. Pick away my little dilettante's.

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