Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Running Nazi

The other night I went to a business showcase with some friends. Before went up to see the displays, we decided to have supper and do a little visiting. One of the ladies in attendance is a friend that I have been mercilessly riding to start running. I just know that deep, deep, deeeeeep down inside she REALLY wants to.

Upon hearing this another supper mate, who I started on a running program last year started sputtering.

'What, you are doing great,' I said. 'In fact, spectacularly well!'

'Except,' she told the group, 'when you say we are going to do an easy run you always say, we will ONLY do 5 k!'

'Hey! A kilometer is still shorter than mile! '

Picture from Flickr


Anonymous said...

A km is less than a mile except when you're running in the frigid cold. Then everything seems utterly endless!

Good news for me I get to start running again next week. HOORAY!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, you and Jennie are cracked. Also this desire you think I have to run, is so deep, deep, deeeeep down that there are a number of other things I will likely accomplish first.
1) Dance naked in a bar
2) Shoot tequila through my nose
3) Make an sincere effort for a relationship with a guy that 'doesn't fit'
4) Invite my mother to provide her honest opinion on every aspect of my life and proceed to implement her advice

So you see, running is pretty deep down there and I have a bunch of other stuff buried closer to the surface I would likely have to get out of the way.