Sunday, November 05, 2006

When You Should Use Your Inside Voice

Last Thursday my Mother came to visit me. She had an unusual request. Could I get her into my hair dresser? Of course, I said and so I did.

My hair stylist, Jen, I have felt for some time is an artist whose canvas is hair. She managed to turn Shirley's very short hair into a very hip shag in less than an hour. We were both very pleased.

In fact, Shirley was so pleased that when the girls at the front complimented her, she pointed out to them that as a senior she was trying new things. Then she motioned to her decolletage and announced that I had told her to wear a low cut top, BECAUSE, she needed to show more cleavage.

Now, let's be clear. Shirley does have impressive bosoms, and I do believe I have lectured her often on playing up her assets. But does the world need to know? That dear readers I leave up to you to ponder.

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