Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Party Light Switch

I have been accused of not being that much fun. Mainly, because when I am fun I go for the broke of fun. There is a running joke that I can go from one hundred to zero in 60 seconds or less!

I have this annoying habit of having such a great time: laughing, joking, poking the person beside me while I talk - then it is time to go home. Just like that. No warning. No negotiation. One minute Mrs. Smiley Face, the next asleep on Mark's shoulder.

However, before the batteries run down I am the absolute life of the party! I can drink out of tiny glasses that really are too small to hold alcoholic beverages. I am the queen of impressions. If I have found a truly descent glass of house white wine, I mean the kind that doesn't make your eyes tear up and your mouth resent you, I may even be convinced to show you the air band routine I did in grade 4.

I am so much fun that I always get the same look when the switch flips. ARE YOU KIDDING? Usually, followed by an unbelieving look at a watch. Sadly, my tough stuff has become like a cozy duvet. 12:30 is a REALLY late night for me. At that time I feel like I am slinking out of what ever avante garde establishment I have been blessing with my presence, to crawl home between garbage and milk men.

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Anonymous said...

I have witnessed the hero to zero as the clock strikes 12:00. Then poor Mark only has the 3 minutes to act. He's the real hero, by the man a cape.

Anonymous said...

I have also seen the hero to zero act. However you failed to mention that you start the evening 'brow beating' everyone else to party like it's 1999 and that tonight, yes tonight, we are going HARD! You force the rest of us to become slobbering fools and then you duck out to avoid the fallout.

In your defence the last two trips out you have done a fine job of leading the parade right up to last call! You GO girl!

Anonymous said...

Mark, Isn't 9:30 last call? Surely ladies as respectable as we are would never dare stay out past 9:30?! Good Grief! What would the neighbours say if we did!

jaylene said...

Oh my gosh, I can totally relate. When I am ready to go, I leave. I am a reliable ride to an event...just don't count on me to get you home.