Monday, February 05, 2007

Ashes to Ashes

Last Thursday Mark confessed to a good friend that the day we signed the papers on our first house he knew, that I had realised he was worth more dead then alive.

He has since become convinced that the moment he kicks it would take me less then 2 weeks to liquidate all our assets and move on. At which point he looked at me and did the thing with his fingers where he points two in front of his eyes and then rotates them to point at mine. This was casually followed with 'and I've mentioned this to my Mom.'

Paranoia doesn't bode well for anyone. Nor does a brain tumour. So I asked him which he was suffering from, because I can tell you that it would take me at least a month to list and sell the house. Besides which, I have always had every intention of taking his urn with me. That way I could sprinkle a little of him everywhere I go. London, Paris and even his favorite place in the whole wide world, San Francisco, could experience the essence of Mark.

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Anonymous said...

"the essence of Mark." Sounds like a snappy new scent! Poor Mark, he's going to end up in an urn, strapped to a backpack!

Anonymous said...

Mark should make sure he doesn't tick Heidi off before he kicks or his ashes will he going to San Fransisco and Heidi will be wearing flowers in her hair.