Thursday, February 22, 2007

Braver Washing Machine

I can't stop thinking about that Alexander Keith's commercial. The one where the guy on a date asks for a Keith's and gets escorted into the inner sanctum, where he talks to a marble bust of Alexander Keith. The bust asks the guy if the girl he is with has land and livestock, to which he says, she has a cat and a condo. After recieving a rousing endorsement the commercial ends.

But it got me thinking. What is the equivalent for women? If a man gets land and livestock what does the woman get? Surely to get an equal answer we have to frame the question in the same time and space. A fine 18th century lady wouldn't answer, 'a big dick and the ability to make me laugh.' No, she would want something more refined like the ability to use a fork and knife and servants to feed her bonbons. Or so I imagine.

But at the risk of trying to be constructive let's say that in exchange for land and livestock he gets to have a woman to keep his house, a wife and a mother, and maybe fresh fruit on Sundays. Is this a fair trade? Oh, that opens all kinds of questions about your beliefs.

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Anonymous said...

I think in Alexander Keith's day women would have received jewelry and fine pieces of furniture. Today it is of course the big "D" the sense of humour and the ability to open jars.

Anonymous said...

And able to put together Ikea stuff.