Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Grocery Story

The first Tuesday of the month you get 10% off all your grocery purchases at any grocery store in town. Because of this, I save all my grocery shopping just for this day. My need to keep my food budget low, and my shoe budget high may factor into this.

However, the EXPERIENCE of grocery shopping on this day is truly toxic. Scores of people surge through the store pushing, shoving, and throwing themselves like football players at shelves. Desperately grabbing for that one last package of couscous. Once you mange to duck and weave through this you are faced with huge lines at the cash register. There are not enough tabloid magazines trumpeting naked pictures of Brad Pitt at the check-out to make this wait anything but excruciating.

After I witnessed a women, with no less then 3 kids alternatively throwing high caloric foods into her cart, hanging off various body parts crying, and moving the sales signs around on the shelves I decided Safeway was the equivalent of being battered in steak tartar and feed to wolves. Therefore, I took refuge in the grocery store by our house.

This just happens to be the University grocery store, which means that it is full of basket carrying students. Students who only forge forth to grab enough ichiban and KD to last a week. When they see me with a cart laden with all the foods Mark demands, they curse their luck for getting caught behind me, shoot daggers at me with their eyes, and silently will the store to open another lane. None of which happens. I have now heard a symphony of exasperated sighs, and few mutterings of, 'next time I go to Safeway.' Bring your hockey gear.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I have had this experience many times as well. However, I have to say, that despite Save-On upping their discount, this Tues was less than two minutes wait for a till. I have no idea to what I owe this miracle but I was a happy lady this cheap Tuesday. Ariana