Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff!

This Friday Fun Stuff I am inspired to profile cool mid-century and period hotels that I want to stay at. Maybe this is some sad, subversive way for me to take a vacation, without really, you know, travelling.

Shady Dell, this just looks too cool. Personally, I think I could actually spend the whole summer doing this. Or being Canadian, all winter. Laughing at all those who had to stay behind in the snow. Now if I could just decide between the Tiki Bus or the Airfloat.

The Beat Hotel, this 1957 hotel in Desert Springs was inspired by the beat poets. Each room has a typewriter so that aspiring writers can work during their stay. I love that idea. Why not take a 2 week vacation, soak up some rays, swim in the pool, and get a start on that novel you have been talking about.

The Queen Mary and the Sunset Tower Hotel in LA. This is where I would stay, but I would have drinks poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. If I EVER get to LA.

Finally, I love Art Deco. Where can you fine magnificent Art Deco hotels? Miami! I one day hope to stay at one or all of these beautifully preserved masterpieces: The Beacon, the Eden Roc, and finally the grandaddy of them all, The Biltmore. I think Miami might suit me. I know the beach would.

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