Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff!

Here is a little something that will make you go, hmmm!?! Maybe it is the fact that the ex-Mr. Spears is only getting a reported 1 million payout in his divorce from the bald babe. Or maybe -shudder -he is levering the Internet for evil.

However, this is my absolute FAVORITE find of the week. FREE endangered species ring tones! Some savvy marketer out there has their finger on the pulse of the digital generation. Interested in a fast and fun way to personalize your cell and raise awareness at the same time? Then check out this site, it will give you the same high as switching to green power.

Finally, check out Fold School. On this site you find downloadable patterns. Print them off and build all sorts of different cardboard furniture for kids. Let the kids help. Build a rocking chair together. Doesn't the family that folds together, stay together?

Picture callously stolen from the Center for Biological Diversity's Website, hope they don't mind.

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