Monday, March 12, 2007

If a Tree Falls in the Forest, Can Anyone Hear it

Have you noticed how everyone has earphones dangling from their ears? Everyone. All the time.

The other day I noticed a steady thread of students heading to our local university. Not one of them was without the tell tale white threads protruding from their ears, snaking through their collars, or reaching for the sun like some strange mutant spaghetti flower. Intent on living for one day more by eating their brain.

Obviously, they were not concerned about hearing boring traffic or a flaming piece of fuselage plummeting from the sky.

Is a menial walk so so dull that we can't even be bothered to experience a beautiful spring day listening to the birds? Or is that the Shin's new record is really that good? Cause I heard it's awesome.

Picture from Flickr

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