Monday, March 26, 2007


Friday night we hosted a Birthday Laua for a friend.

Mark spent most of the night suckling a vodka chi chi from a coconut cup. He had a beatific smile on his face by 10pm. By 10:30 he was boasting his virility to the room.

"Aren't you doing a run tomorrow?"


"Aren't you going to be hurtin'?"

"No way! 10k is nothing! I could do 10k in my sleep. I. AM. that. good."

Soon after he lost his voice. By 11 there was no doubt he was going to feel like he had eaten a good quality wool sweater in the morning.


Anonymous said...

If Mark is superman that makes you Louis Lane super sluth

Mark Fournier said...

Actually, a more accurate description of Heidi would be the super villain that thwarts all of my plans. Think of her as a female Dr. Evil.