Monday, April 09, 2007

Cat Chiropractor

Lily is a puker.

Being a cat she doesn't really mind regurgitating. It comes with the territory. She was built to dispel large chunks of hair when needed. However, rather than pleasing my sister, Jill, with this perfectly designed digestive feature it upsets her. Especially, as she has tried everything: new food, organic food, hairball medication, the vet, yelling, and crying to get it under control. Even Katya has tried to help. When Lily throws up, she yells and shakes her finger in a threatening manner that makes it appear as if her finger is a laser. A cat frying laser masquerading as a finger. Not that Katya is the rock star of the clean department. This weekend she managed to water Mom's computer chair. Needless to say, it wasn't used much after that.

But after numerous attempts to deal with the issue, Jill has resolved to do anything. And that is why she has decided that Lily needs to go to see the chiropractor. It is well documented that adjustments can help babies stop throwing up. Why not a cat! So Jill sent her VERY kind husband, Dan, to the Chiropractor's with Lily in tow. Now, Dan, says it isn't THAT humiliating to be in the sitting room of a medical office holding a struggling mewing cat. It doesn't bother him THAT much to be looked at, or to hear whispering regarding his animal, or even to see people shaking their heads at him. Anything to keep the peace in the house, and the floors clean. What a guy, can we get him a beer?

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