Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Digging the Dirty Dozen

Mark would have been so proud of me the other night. I watched the Dirty Dozen. All by myself.
Before watching it all I knew about it, I learned from that scene in Sleepless in Seattle. The one where the two guys make fun of the guy's wife's tearful reminiscences of An Affair to Remember by pretending to cry about The Dirty Dozen in the same heart wrenching way.

This didn't actually convince me that The Dirty Dozen was a quaility movie, but let's face it, Sunday nights are the garbage barrages of TV. Normally, I don't do war movies. Which is bizarre, because I will stand in line to watch black and white movies with subtitles. Everyone has their line in the sand.

Mark has tried to help me mentally cross this line. He has promised treats and trips to tempt me. Once he even said he'd let me make him an appointment for a manicure. My greatest dream! Within reach! But when the movie got preempted Mark felt it wasn't fair to deliver when he didn't receive.

Then he started to get really devious. On afternoon he said, 'at 2 I'm watching the Devil's Brigade and I don't want to be disturbed.' Dead. Cold. Cunning.

After about 5 minutes I started to wonder what could be more interesting then hanging out with me? I had to know. So I decided to watch for a few minutes. Two hours later, I was convinced that The Devil's Brigade was the single BEST war movie ever made. Even if it was the ONLY war movie I had ever seen. And after watching the Dirty Dozen, I can say I still think it is. The mismatched, deliquent thugs of TDB are just SO much more lovable that the moltely crew of crimials in TDD.

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Anonymous said...

I always find that when Glenn tells me he needs time to "do" something that I will invariably find myself hovering, also wondering what could be more exciting than my self.