Monday, April 02, 2007

Is Green the Key to Inter-Species Communication?

This is Yuko's favorite ball. It is not red, nor blue, or even purple. It is green.

Every morning Mark and I find this mangy ball on our bed. And every night Yuko announces she is bringing it to bed with her. She talks all the way from her toy box in the living room, where we put the ball after we pick it up off the bed with a pair of tweezers and latex gloves, to the bedroom. After this ritual cleansing of the way she jumps on the bed and deposits it before us in a way that suggests she would have brought us the head of our most horrible enemy. If only we would just leave the front door open once and a while, and look away.

This is what Yuko's ball should look like. This is the new ball that Mark bought her. She doesn't play with the new ball, but at least she sniffed it once. Which is more than I can say for the red, blue, and purple ones Mark has tried to tempt her with.

Mark and I have wracked our brains trying to figure our why she totes this ball everywhere. At first we thought she liked balls more than her other toys. So we bought her others, but she didn't play with them. This has brought us to an inescapable conclusion. She KNOWS it is green. Does this mean green is her favorite colour? Should I get her a green collar?

Loyalty, thy form is a tattered green ball.


Anonymous said...

Deirdre will play with the pink, yellow and orange mice but will not touch the blue or green ones. Her favourite ball is the gold one and pink one but she won't touch the blue one! And despite the hundreds of dollars of stupid cat toys I've bought....the mice and balls are all she'll play with. Of course, her VERY favourite toy??? A pencil. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Yuko's well loved security ball reminds me of Chloe's tattered and yellowing security rag. I mean blanket. Remember Darling children (felids included) are meant to be loved not understood.