Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mystery in the Cupboard

As usual, this afternoon I hear it. Scratch, bang, scratch, bang. Yuko is trying to get into the cupboard under the sink again.

I don't know why she is so desperate to get in. She has been under the sink many, many times. Nothing changes under there. Maybe she's fascinated by how many rolls of toilet paper there are. More rolls, less rolls, fascinating! Maybe she likes to sniff the bottle of Zero. Get a little buzz going. Who knows, maybe after a day of tortuously laying in the sun it is all she can do to make it through. She just needs that one snort of Zero. In which case I should consider putting her on kitty Prozac.

Deep down, I think she lives for the moments when she finally manages to get the door open, and disappears inside. Of course, once in she has NO idea how to get out. I figure the fear of being trapped inside is similar to what base jumpers feel like before they jump. Therefore, she is really just pushing her fear boundaries. Living on the edge. She is extreme cat.

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