Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why Cell Phones Replaced Lighters at Concerts

Have you noticed that ever since Rick Springfield shook his butt for an AT&T commercial that Cell Phones have started to replaced lighters as the preferred concert waving tool?

I am old enough to remember going to concerts where an ocean of people were waving cigarette lighters in tribute. Of course, at that time most of the bands had longer hair then I did. And sadly, could pull off tighter pants.

Even a few months back when I went to see Boney M with my Mom and sister, what did we do? We pulled out our cell phone and called my Dad. He thought it was a prank call and hung up. Hard of hearing fathers aside, there is little doubt that a cell phone will eventually replace the lighter. Here are some reasons why.

There are becoming fewer and fewer places where you can smoke in the Western world. A huge numbers of cities and state/provinces have enacted legislation to fully or partially ban smoking. Making a large number of concert venues smoke free. What's the point of carrying lighter in this atmosphere.

Lets face it, waving a smart looking cell over your head gives you cachet. Far more than you know you are entitled to. Plus, it is the perfect way to validate the outrageous sum you paid for it. So if you can just find that that groovy little phone at the bottom of you purse, you're set.

And nothing is sweeter than sharing something with a loved one. Especially when that something is music. With a cell phone, even far off friends can join you at the concert. You can't guarantee that is will mirror a front row experience, but for those who wait until pay day to buys tickets, get what they can.

Does your cell phones take pictures? Of course it does. If it doesn't, all I can't say is, 'I'm so sorry.' However, should you have a camera phone and you find yourself having a wildly enjoyable time you can snap a few pics to keep for prosperity.

But the number one reason is video. Grainy, hard to watch video, but video none the less. It may have the same effect as The Blair Witch Project, but video AND audio, will always trump one of the other.

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