Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Acting Your Age

Last week a girlfriend and I decided to do lunch. As I soon found out, deciding to go for lunch and ACTUALLY getting to eat lunch are two very different things.

First off, I don't like having lunch at a really busy, loud place. Therefore, I usually invite people to do lunch at 11:30 or 1. That way you miss the rush. This day, I broke my rule and I was duly punished for it. We decided to meet at 12:30 at a place with a great patio. When we got there the place was packed to the rafters, on a Wednesday. Honestly, I had no idea the Wednesday was so popular with the lunch crowd.

So we sat down and waited. 20 minutes later when my blood sugar started to dip from boredom, I remembered, I don't wait in lines. So we decided to go to a lounge at a nearby hotel. A place we have gone a million times. Not a great selection of wines, sadly. An important factor for any lunch place. Oh well.

When we sit down, we get ID'ed. Usually, this tickles me pink. However, Mark had removed my ID when we were in Mexico, just in case my wallet got stolen. So even though I have been to this lounge about 14 trillion times, and had been waited on by the waitress before, we were asked to leave. By this point I was seriously mad. While I may look 25 or a little younger, the drinking age in Alberta is 18. And there is no way I look younger than 18. I have posted my picture to make my point. So I am not sure if this waitress was being thorough or just a bitch.

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Anonymous said...

You look older than 25.