Monday, July 23, 2007

Why My Brain is So Expensive

I love my job. What's not to like: 98% of the kids I teach are there because they want to be, you get to teach stuff that's on the cutting edge, and having a flexible schedule is better than diamonds for your birthday. That's part of the reason why it is so hard to get tenancy in the ivory tower. If it were an European plan, rather than an all inclusive resort not as many people would want to take the flight.

I've worked a long time to get to my position, and because of this my brain is worth almost more than all my earthly possessions added together. It really is a large brain. Although a largely lacklustre grey one. Shame. With the money I've spent is should at least light up for parties.

I enjoy working with my students. I am like one of those teachers on reality TV. Only my show is called: My Student Ate His Dog's Homework. I hear great stories from students everyday. Most have no idea they even have a sense of humour. Let alone that they are actually funny. Oh, sure they think they are funny, like when they make their friends laugh with their imitation of Adam Sandler. But the fact is, when my students are funny, they usually aren't trying to be. They are far too serious for that. And because of this they are usually twice as funny. When they get a mortgage, a kid, and start worrying about if they are eating enough soy, they will think so too. But until then I will nod ponderously and try to see how the schools inability to provide them with sanitary wipes for the computer keyboards is DEATHLY serious. As I said, I love my job!

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