Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff!

Let's start this Friday Fun Stuff off with a little zen. A little Starbucks' zen. Check out the Oracle of Starbucks and find out what your favorite coffee says about you.

Then check out what one man had done to combat drivers speeding past his house. By placing cardboard cut-outs of kids - life-sized cut-outs - by the busy street in his residential neighbourhood an Ohio man has found that drivers actually slow down. Best part? Police services across the country are now interested in using this advanced 'technology.'

Finally, we end with something I just have got to get, a mobile projector for your iPod or digital camera. With this you can convert any space into a media room.


Anonymous said...

I two favorite drinks at Starbuck's so if you combine the two descriptions I am "high maintenance hippie". Is that even possible??

Allie said...

I guess if you are lactose intollerant you are hippie- although it was right that I live in California and drink health drinks!

Cool Link Heidi!