Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Control

woody hangs in there
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Often, as you get older, and hopefully savvier, you start to learn how very naive some of your ideas and attitudes were. Quaint even. When I was in junior high I was convinced I wanted to have a job as a problem solver. The cigar chomping expert Fortune 500 companies call in to fix money losing departments, or salvage huge R & D projects that have gone off the rails. I thought it would be so cool to gesticulate wildly in in my high heels and short skirt and tell everyone what to do to save the day. The problem is, most companies and people don't want to have their problems fixed.

In the everyday world you, as an individual, know what you need to do: eat right, exercise yada, yada, yada. Companies know what they need to do: flatten, increase productivity blah, blah, blah. But sometimes it is so hard to do. And on a personal level it is even more difficult to solve your own problems because we naturally have blind spots. How honest are we really with ourselves? If Britney Spears was honest with herself would she have gone on the VMA's and crushed what was left of her career? It is damn hard identifying and looking in the face some of our problems. We want the world to be pretty and our place in it simple. Except most of the time it isn't. Which pretty much sums up why it sucks to be an adult.

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