Thursday, September 06, 2007

More Dangerous than the Male

I am a huge noir fan. I love, love, love femme fatales, bad guys, black and white; ragged hard bitten dialogue and everyone's ability to drink so much. They say people either find film noir cheesy or they love it. And because it is full of psychotic people, greed, sex, and booze those who love it are probably a little past their best before date. I guess I am ready to be poured down the sink then.

Of course, living in Lethbridge there are not a lot of places around that you can find such movies. In fact, there are none. So a few years ago I turned to (the Canadian Netflicks) to scratch my itch. And while I am wholly underwhelmed by how fast they ship out my movies, and mostly stupefied by their complete disregard for the numerical ranking of the movies I want to see, they are the best I got. And most of the time they deliver. This week especially so.

This week I got Blonde Ice (1948) and Born to Kill (1947). Honestly, after watching Out of the Past, I never thought I would watch another female character on screen so horrifically hateful as Kathie Moffat. Boy. Was. I. Wrong. Now I don't want you to confuse these bitches with a character like Charlize Theron's in Monster. These women aren't real, but they are seriously evil. They will ice pick you in white gloves, designer clothes and outrageous hats. They are great malicious raptors with no other desire then to gouging out a man's sex drive with one talon and take a drag off a cigarette with the other. Beautiful faces that hide a delicious rot. They are so f$cking terrific!

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