Monday, September 24, 2007

The Racers

The other day Mark and I were leaving a restaurant where we had met for supper. Because we both came from work, we both had our own cars. When we left the parking lot I noticed he went left - fool - and I went right. I figured I would make it home way before him. I was quite confident. Then as I slowed down to stop at a really long light right before our house, who should pull up right beside me?

I had no idea how he had caught up to me. But it reminded me of Better Off Dead where the two Asian guys always pulled up beside Lane's broken down Oldsmobile. One brother doesn't speak English and the other brother learned English by listening to Howard Cousell. So every time they would see Lane at a stop they would pull up beside him and use their roof top speaker system to challenged him to a race.

I decided to do the same thing. But since I didn't have a rooftop speaker I would use my superior miming skills. When I caught Mark's eyes I let him know the following:
  • index finger sliced across the throat
  • two fingers pointing at my eyes then rotated to his eyes
  • a backward forward hand slap of the bad baby variety
After this throw down of the gauntlet he mimed to me
  • two hands shaking by his head, with his tongue stuck out
  • an index finger making circular motions on one side of his head.

Oh, it was on.

Picture from Tom's Better Off Dead Website

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Squirrelly Girly said...

That was the funniest thing I heard/read all day!