Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hot DVR Love

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My DVR has been so hard at work over the last week, I have visions of it bursting into flames. Flames of eye popping goodness!

So far over the past week my sweet darling DVR has recorded,
  • Serena Vander Wosten get metaphorically bitch slapped by former BFF Blair (Gossip Girl)
  • A flaming arsonist being sucked back to hell by a funky red dirt devil (Reaper)
  • Two men speared by razor sharp hair pins (Chuck)
  • A Kentucky Derby winning horse being brought into a Manhattan penthouse as an Anniversary gift (Dirty, Sexy, Money)
  • Claire (ie: the Fish) and her cell mate hiding out in the Hampton's (Ugly Betty)
  • Takezo Kensie is actually a winey, drunk British guy (Heros)

  • That you can actually regrow your legs, both of them, in a couple of hours! (Bionic Woman)

  • Even vampires have a soft spot for kidnap victims (Moonlight)
I can hardly stand to find out what is has got for me this week! It is right to love your DVR more than life itself?

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Squirrelly Girly said...

Did you like moonlight? Jenge and I both agreed that we like our tortured heros to be more tortured. They must not do cheesy voice overs. Nor have crushes on women that, when they hold in their arms, they flashback to doing the same thing when she was 8. ew.