Friday, October 19, 2007

Misery Loves Company

Too often I go out and see couples at tables trying desperately to look at anything but each other. The ceiling, the fabric of their pants, the design of the carpet, everywhere but into each other's eyes. Probably because the sight of the other person would likely cause their jaws to fly open and the most horrible things to come out. Which begs the question, why go out? Fight at home where it is less embarrasing to be seen throwing things. Maybe they should be asking themselves, why stay together? At a certain point anything has got to be more fun then arguing, ignoring each other, and spitting indignation over the way the other person left the tube of toothpaste AGAIN.

There are of course some people who are really only happy when they are living with all the drama of a reality TV series. These people make their own hell. They tend to choose the most inappropriate mate they can find. One their friends usually refer to having a striking resemblance to Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes. They luxuriate in the opportunity to talk about what is wrong with this person, and how difficult their life is with them. Others just can't stand the thought of doing things on their own. Except on their own has got to be easier than putting up with someone else's hang ups. Those who are lonely, I understand. When you fear being alone, you will put up with a lot to stay a couple. I guess I just wish these people looked a little happier in their gilded cages.

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