Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Gaping Slight

Domino effect
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I have become a certain age. And I am sorry to say it, but I am at that point in my life where parts of my personality have congealed into unbreakable habits, quirks, and living strategies. Things that I would have never noticed as a younger woman have now become huge issues. Worth fighting about. Or more honestly, as a woman, ignoring people over and then gossiping about behind their back. I am calling it the age of the Gaping Slight.

The Gaping Slight is where any small affront suddenly blooms into something much bigger then the original incident. And it is not isolated. In your mind, it has a history that stretches back to the beginning of your friendships/relationships. It is like a stack of dominos, each being a historical offense. And when you look back at all these past slights they start to tremble, toppling forward banging into each other adding all these past hurts or acts of thoughtlessness into a steaming brew of callous behaviour. This person ALWAYS does this to me! This is the way it ALWAYS goes with them! Your brain takes on these dimensions and what started out as a small thing has taken on huge proportions and a feeling of inevitable. It's as large as the grand canyon. And thought other may find it comical, in your mind it now almost UNFORGIVABLE.

This my friends is the Gaping Slight. Have you had one lately, because they seem to come with a constant frequency after a certain age.

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